domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


Hi there,
 in this opportunity I would like to share with you some nice videos related to toys for beginner level. Enjoy them!!!

sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

A child aks Santa Claus an especial present.....


I saw this video on the news last friday. Increadibly, we were talking about that last class with Analia's presentation. I decided to share with you this video because it's so emotive. This video doesn't show you how to prevent bully, it doesn't show you how to deal with this difficult problem, but it shows you a family's suffering. It is enough to see that this is a serious problem  and we, as teacher, must do something to prevent it! Many of us aren't prepare to manage with such a complex problem but we must try it. The first thing we can do is to  inform to the headmaster or to any psychological group to help you with this difficult situation.

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015

A reflection about the challenges of teaching this new generation.

The challenges of teaching this new generation is a controversial issue nowadays. Teachers are forced to manage with certain difficulties such as, over use of technology, the educational system, and the social environment which affect our learners emotionally.
As regard the emotional impact I refer to those students with lack of affection, or those who live in poor conditions, or who suffer from any addiction.
The list of troubles seem to be endless, but we are disturbed from the most noticeable ones such as, the great amount of time apply to technology. The spend most of the time using any kind of technology, consequently it makes them less critical thinkers as technology stops their creativity.
The educational system is gradually changing, but the way in which it is organised seems to become less professional people. Many times teachers are strict in their works. However the educational system doesn't allow them to be strict in their marks and at the end of the year everyone must pass. It is unfair to those students who really deserve the glorification, and the irresponsible students continue being unaware of studying because they know that, at last they will pass.
I don't know how to solve these obstacles, but I think that we must try to encourage our students with topics they like and take advantages of the resources they use, for instance technology. We must try to teach facing these obstacles in the best possible way. It's a diffult task, but it's better to try it to never try!

domingo, 7 de junio de 2015

Shapes songs

We were working with these videos!

Another picture!
I love my students!!
Here we are with the final task!!!

working with shapes!

Hello eveyone!
I'm here again and in this opportunity I would like to share with you a lovely activity which I put in practice with a beginner level. We were working with shapes. I gave my students these photocopies and they made a gingerbreadman. They were able to learn shapes in an intertaining way. This is the link